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If I gotta go

on January 23, 2016

If I gotta leave today, I must be disappointed. I don’t finish anything yet, both mission & business.

About mission, I forsake everything to make it done & take many years. Just the verse “Let Your Kingdom come, Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

About business, it’s just beginning but quite well. I want to take care my mom, my employee in soon. I just dont want to be poor worker of God who ask someone for financial support all the time.

But now I can’t eat, cant breathe well & heart beats very fast. It seems heavy things try to make me down.

If I gotta go before I know,
I probably go with the sorrow & disappointment. I’m not ready for it.

Last 15 years I was happy to go without any worry.

I think I will die for Christ oneday, never think about many sicknesses, but I’m in pain & suffering.

When 2015 begined I believe my life has change in a good way & I’m travelling out of the desert.

But now I thank God. At least, I passed last year & live longer than I think.

I didn’t do many dreams yet.
Anyway, darkness tries to pull me.

I’ve fought … I’m fighting.

Mom … I really love you…
No one I ever met can love me like you.

God … I love you…
My time is running out to meet you there. It’s glad in my regret.

Goodbye & Hello.


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