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A Little Notice of Samson Story

on March 6, 2012

– If it’s God’s Will to crush on someone, man will feel she’s the RIGHT ONE (Judges 14:3-4)
– But bible never tells the name of the right girl of Samson at all.
– In fact, Samson’s got a strong heart to keep the secret (Judges 14:9,16-17; 16:7,11,13)
but his strength is melted by crying (pressing) of the lady. (14:17; 16:16)
– Samson is the man like Sherlock Holmes, he has the riddle (Judges 14: 14)
– Samson is like an artist, novelist (Judges 14:18; 15:16)
– Sometimes, the right one that God inspired, is not the real wife. Just a short moment for success the plan. (Judges 15:2, 6)
– In the battle of kingdom, God send someone to fight for & set free the nation, but that anointed one will be delivered to the hands of enemy. (Judges 15:11-12)
– He had a weakness about sex, he needed harlot girl to sleep to (Judges 16:1)
– Delilah blamed Samson such as liar, mocker, but Samson forgot that she’s deceiver. He’s like a BLIND man who never see this truth, so stupid. (LOVE is BLIND)
– I think Satan knew the resource of Samson long time ago, but he’s waited for the time Samson confess by his word, like allowance, and the Spirit of the Lord left him then.
– In deed, Samson’s work before death is great work. Previous chapter tell he killed people about 1000 a times, but in final times, there’re many peoples, especially the masters of enemy.
” So the dead that he killed at his death were more than he had killed in his life.” (16:30)


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