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Acts of Flesh – บางเรื่องมันก็ลึก ก็ซึ้ง

on December 2, 2009

Love is sensitive and profound things of this world, and the lust is like the flame of jealousy.

In the book of 2 Samuel 11-12, we see the worst story of King David.
He had a heart that God please but something led him to the bad ends. We call "FLESH".

Someone wonders sometime that he’s taken by evil spirit or not when he does SIN
I’ve found this answer by this chapter, evils didn’t take over him, but tempted his flesh against God!

At the first times, it seemed David did a little sin or he might feel nothing about adultery.
[Bathsheba loved her husband very much (2 Sam 11.26) but she must yield to authority of King David]
But there was a further factor that made him made decision to do next wrong.
He (planned to) kill a present husband of whom he loves because of Bathsheba’s pregnant!
Oh his plan was successful & he could cover up his guilty finally.
(In fact, if the first plan’s done, Uriah went back home and slept with his wife, scandal be stopped!
Unfortunately, situation didn’t facilitate to David’s plan at all)
God see him through even he never known that first sin will lead him to next greater one.

I don’t know why BB illustrates a woman like animal or possession,
but this picture could slap a cheek of wealthy king until he confessed that he has already sinned.

I’m interest in the tone of God’s voice through Prophet Nathan
– God lifted David to be great king of Israel
– God saved David from the hand of Saul
– God gave David a big treasure
– God gave David master’s wives
– God could prosper David more than he has
– David "despised" the commandment of the LORD, did evil in God’s sight
– David killed Uriah to steal his beautiful wife, it’s not really fair!

Thing I feel appreciative, is the mercy and love of God
God is justice but he forgives David in advance!!! (2 Sam 12:13) after he suddenly confessed.
I believe God loved the heart of David. First thing David did, after his son died, going to WORSHIP!

God didn’t agree with his sin or choosing but He symphatized the love that David has to this worman.
That’s why He gave a second chance to have baby & loved his son, Solomon!

We have complicated thing in our heart as David sometimes, more than even our own understanding,
but I prefer praying to die to sin at the cross of Christ cause Jesus once said
"It is the Spirit who gives life, the flesh profits nothing.
The WORDs that I speak to you are spirit, and they [WORDs] are life.
" [John 6.63]

Don’t let the (lite) flesh to mislead to the bigger mistake!
(Tho’ relationship of love is hard to be stopped)

Please my Lord, in Jesus’s Name … Amen — Popsy Chan, Your lover


One response to “Acts of Flesh – บางเรื่องมันก็ลึก ก็ซึ้ง

  1. Martyn says:

    Great blog sis ~ full of profound meaningBless u

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