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Memory of Old Time – ไอ แอม เซลลิ่ง

on March 24, 2009

Thank God that You answer my prayer right now about my favourite thing in youth.
After I had not played ice-skating for 12 years ago, I took this chance again with some sis in Christ on Sunday 22nd.
Really Thank Heavenly DADDY, you let me enjoy life  and be happy with spending time to move my body
When I was in grade 10, its charge was only 80 THB but now is 200 THB for very smaller rink! so saddddd
12 Years are like the blink of my eyes so I remember the day before I met Him.
I have some song I recorded in 2002 with band of little birds around my room.
It seems this song has blue feeling cause this once makes a guy killed himself after a day he’d listened it
If you’re not too sad … you can listen the way I feel in my 22nd year of life (21 years old)
[Please forgive me for my English that time]
I hope nobody wanna die anymore …
Other songs at the same time …

2 responses to “Memory of Old Time – ไอ แอม เซลลิ่ง

  1. Joshua says:

    you went ice skating? how is your skill? I did ice skating as a child, as well as roller skating.. BTW, I am glad you feel better than when you were younger. God bless you.

  2. Wanatchada says:

    คนเรามีความเป็นเด็กซ่อนอยู่ในตัวนะเจี๊ยบว่า พอเราได้ทำอะไรในตอนเด็ก แล้วมาทำอีกทีตอนที่โตขึ้น มันมีความสุขมากกก….อิอิอิว่าแต่เก่งจังเล่นไอส์สเก็ตได้ เจี๊ยบขนาดยืนบนสเก็ตบอร์ดยังลื่นหัวทิ่มเลย 55555….

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