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The Prize and Reward

on January 26, 2009

Really HAPPY after I’d tested my BB program on last week (It’s gonna be finished! )
Users are able to search the single term (right now) from over 10 versions of BB
So I tested by fetching the word of "Prize" & "Reward" here as below …

Let’s see how we can get the prize & reward in heaven! (NKJV)
– Persecute, evil words against us falsely (Mat 5:11)
– Charitable deeds behind men (Mat 6:1) in secret (Mat 6:4)
– Pray in secret place, only Father sees (Mat 6:6)
– Fast quietly (Mat 6:18)
– Receive prophet -> prophet’s reward & Receive righteous man -> righteous man’s reward (Mat 10:41)
– According to his works (Mat 16:27)
– Give in Jesus’ name (Mark 9:41)
– Be hated, excluded, reviled, casted out as evil for Jesus (Luke 6:22)
– Love enemies, do good, lend, hope nothing back (Luke 6:35)
– Temperate in all things to get imperishable crown (1Co 9:25)

This is just sample … If I have more time, I would explain more than this … GBU


2 responses to “The Prize and Reward

  1. Joshua says:

    please share when this is for sale or online ^^

  2. Jirarat says:

    WoW เก่งจังเลยค่ะ

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