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on July 29, 2008
I’m counting down for the day I will get home.
Week ago that I’ve been in Vietnam, it makes me realize that Thailand is the best!
I keep asking myself I can suffer for God by living here or not.
Today, I’ve got encouragement from Him after visiting Ho Ji Min’ tomb
In the story of King David who’s man of faith & overcome the power of  darkness by FAITH
Yesterday, I felt painful my stomach too much because of Vietnamese food
even first week, I really enjoyed to try the new & strange foods. [I ate the liver of dog too]
I hope to leave here by blessing & loving here, not feeling bad. Jesus Loves Vietnam & pple around the world!

One response to “I REALLY MISS Thailand!

  1. cHiNtaWeE says:

    คิดถึงนะคะ อย่าลืมเอารูปมาลงให้ดูด้วยน๊า

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