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Amazing Life of Steve Good

on July 18, 2008

Yesterday, Steve Good tried to tell us how God look at this world & emphasized us to ask the good question which make pple stop to think in the silence.

Lizzy asked the first question in the early morning to Mr. Steve who shared us about evangelism. How he knew which ministry that God call him to do?

It’s the long long story … He was born in american christian family & went to church every weekend but He didn’t really know about God. In university life, he hanged out every night for party & got drunk. His grades for every subjects are all F & on the probation. He didn’t satisfy his life but there’s a teacher who hates God & doesn’t believe God. Teacher always says bible story is like the mickey mouse & non-sense. Later, Steve has been saved & decided to sacrifice himself for God. He became the top 10 of best students of university.

He turned the story to 1975-1979 that I wasn’t born yet. There’s a BIG event of the world about PolPot. Steve was 30 & he was studying SOE (School of Evangelism, no DTS that time) of YWAM at Lozan. PolPot had an idea to create the new society in Cambodia. He took time to find the way to kill pple in his country for few years.

In 1975, Cambodia has population about 6-7 million. When he had the authority, Cambodia was closed out of the world. Nobody knew what happen, no news, no movement, day by day. Finally, Vietnam attack Cambodia, the world knew that government killed 3B people then. The children gotta work 16 hours a day in the field & separate from their parents. Helicopter led children with skin of bone to the Switzerland.

After He went outreach in many european countries, God had told the team to go outreah in Thailand because there is a refugee at the border of country near Cambodia. They obeyed & journey to the dry place, no technology, no good food, many mosquitoes. Oneday God spoke to Steve to don’t turn back to America & stay in Thailand. More than 30 years ago, he never come back to his home in America.

Sometime, God may call us to where we never know before & use our poorer skill or talent in ministry. It’s not accident for every events happened in every time of life. Everything has its own reason. Why Steve leave his old friends & family? What’s power make him help unknown neighbor as himself. I believe that is LOVE that God give him. Praise the Lord


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