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Gain precious thing with careless of suffering

on July 3, 2008

Yesterday is the awesome day … I touched the powerful presence in the classroom tho we studied "Spiritual Wars" It’s kinda amazing day for me cuz Zopo, the teacher came from New Zealand, emphasized us about the authority so much. He has many potential more than we see he is now. The day before, he prayed with his wife to ask God about the class. The answer from heaven is


Zopo ends the class by letting us declare authority over the enemies. He danced Hugga!, the traditional dance based on the native war. It’s weird & makes somebody felt nervous but he spoke by Holy Spirit cuz he mentioned that Jesus is tender, mercy, gentle … you know I love these words.

Today is the most special day since I have the class cuz Nicole, wife of Zopo who came from Canada, is our teacher & asks many questions that I often ask myself all this few months & every word she speaks it all cuts to my heart.

She talks about DENY OURSELF + TAKE UP THE CROSS + FOLLOW JESUS by gift of teaching. So I can see the picture in my head easily what she explains. For example: Alcoholic has the ROOT of Rejection -> Mistake -> Insecure -> Abomination -> Bitterness -> H -> P -> R -> I -> Drinking. World may be able to stop him to drink alcohol but never solve other problems in his life. Only LOVE of Jesus can effect the root of problems to become a new life.

How come she concludes the lesson by topic of suffering incredibly. We have workshop that shows how pple look at only ourself. Jesus cares all of us & never think of himself & suffering brings the glory to God bcuz weakness has God’s power. Someone ever faced that time & it’s hard to get along. She asks us we are ready to become pure gold? Are we ready to suffer to be whom God use? Is God trustable for us? Are we ready to deny ourself again? Let us all declare by pray aloud to fight the fear, selfishness, etc…

This time I realize again to the word P’Av told me in the final day of Sam’ class for 2 weeks ago. She prophesied to me to not understand everything. I can’t write here what it is I always ask God the reason but He just wants to love me

I prayed for something that I never had but I believe I will see one day if I have careless of suffering as I wrote "Experience of Fire" last year. In the flame of suffering, I depend on You & I will gain that thing. XO XO XO

I’ve been here grounded far too long
I’m ready to see the open wide
Ready to sing a different song
I’ve seen my troubles ‘long the way
I want to sail towards the sun
I want to turn another page
I’m on my way

I’m ready to fly,
I’m ready to soar
I’m ready to leave this world behind.
I’m ready to open up the door
I’m ready to fly,
I’m ready to spread my wings across the sky
I think it’s time
I’m ready to go
I’m ready to fly
[Ready to Fly by FFH from WOW Worship]

P.S. // I just really knew the meaning of this song after I’ve heard 3 years


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