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Happy Very Much

on June 29, 2008

Happy Saturday

This Saturday, I don’t go back to my home but have meeting with sis Jim, One & bro Giang. Bro gotta cancel this time cuz his dad is instantly admitted in the hospital. They’re really on fire, love pple, wanna share testimony, serve God, etc. In the name of Jesus, May you keep falling in love with Jesus all your chirstian life. Tho there’s a bit of pple, we are still together.

We planed to pray little & go out to preach but don’t know why I don’t feel such thing. We started by worship God & pray for different topics. How come it’s the intercession!? I don’t know but we REALLY LOVE that time. Holy Spirit led us in the presence of worshipping with prayers. When we finished & got ready to go, we had decided to find books at the church’ library first. It’s rainy immediately. Then we can’t do our plan but God sent 2 couples stop their motorcycle & hide the rain in our church. It’s our time!

Even we didn’t go out to near place but I am at the TOP of the WORLD!!! So Happy!!!

Happy Happy Sunday

In afternoon, we’re confused a bit in the group cuz we prepared to visit G’ dad at Vichaiyuth Hospital, near Rama Hosp, after lunch. Beeh, Kae, Kae’ friend & Chu didn’t come along with us cuz they moved furniture to new home. So we (Ju, P’One, N’Jim, Pah, K & me) met bro G with weary face & separate to 3 for ICU a times.

I dared not to pray loud but tried to keep silent & command spirit of sickness out of body in Jesus’ name. Then we moved to fast food floor & I saw peace in bro’ face. God is opening the great chance to his family to know who You are! Amen.

After we get off the terminal of BTS again, we walked around shopping street. A girl promoted her product with N’Jim about 10 minutes, then Jim picked up her christian brochure from the bag & we joined to talk about God with her. She’s friendly & did something weird by greeting invisible God that we preached. I’m happy again in this cuz it seems the sky open over my head


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