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Emotional touching in the class

on June 26, 2008

I don’t know further calling over the previous time before DTS but many choices of my expectation are gonna be wiped out & begin to see the exact purpose probably.

This week I’m in the period of bible study here. It’s different from my thought but I enjoy sometime. Yesterday, we discussed the letter of Galathians which is involved about the salvation by grace. There’re many many questions popped-up in the class by students. Before lunch, younger boy asked about suicide. Even speaker gave us the valid answer but I think I really understand why pple who love Jesus can kill themself. They said who really believes & loves Jesus won’t suicide [That means who kill themself is not real believer]

Who know that King Solomon will be saved or not? Only God know why, right? but we have human right to use the reason & scripture to find the possible way. Then, P’ Averyl mentioned about her friend who really loved God & won many thai souls to salvation but she ended up the life by herself. She believes that her friend be with God right now.

I know how hard time is … as I often tell you all how much I felt painful when the trial came last year. I wanted to die everyday but He saved me to keep away from the wrong action. In that moment, I had no explaination but want pple know how it happens. They like to think who kill alive man, include themself, must go to hell. My pastor ever told me that he believes God won’t judge whoever with the final part but He will consider the whole life. I rather agree with him but Lizzy proposed that Solomon chose to be with many idols more than God & other cases in BB.

If I study BB course, that cause I wanna know more Jesus deeply to share others the gospel correctly & powerfully, especially whom never know the good news. I really wanna know much every part about BB but if I gotta learn to argue about many facts, I should turn away to another subject. I don’t wanna spend my life to have more knowledge without Spirit in vain. Anyways, I want new & fresh revelations to satisfy my soul & growing with Jesus, not only normal normal same same I ever got. I terribly beg you guys to pray for me this topic.

P.S. // Let me do my journal on space or create new website, it’s easier than the paper journal that I’m feeling bored! 


One response to “Emotional touching in the class

  1. Joshua says:

    Popsy, you are an encouragement to me, and I believe to others as well. I\’ve prayed for God to use you a mighty way, and I know He will. Seek the Lord continuously, and God will teach you more and more as you desire.

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