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Sharing love of God makes my life begin

on June 16, 2008

Before the new lesson started, I’d gotten time in private room & tried to find proper chapter to read. I don’t know how come I stop at book of Jeremiah & start at its beginning. I touched something that I feel like God’s emotion sames like young boy who feels hurt from the lady as the general world songs. That’s why God allow this world is full with sorrowful songs. God regreted about Israel who turned out to worship idols as the broken heart man.

His heart is really sensitive & cares for the love from human. Then I thought of a lot of verses about choosing …

God is LOVE before we were born, before He created us. We were created bcuz of His LOVE. It’s great plan that God wanna share the LOVE that HE IS through the relationship in every pattern with men. [I ever received this idea many years ago but this time has more meaning & kinda different]

I met the old note in my bb "Why did God create uncountable number of pple around this world, every generation?" I noted "Plenty of multitude is not as much as the great of LOVE that God have for every creature" That’s what how many pple in this world, in all generation. It’s not enough to be shared by LOVE of GOD even in the same time.

This week begins with the topic "Heart of Father" by Mr.Sam Sarvis. This is the first day that we really feel the love via the lesson bcuz it precisely deals with my Rehma. I hope to know more the deep of His Love which never dig it up all.

Yesterday, God taught me about going out at night …
I always like to go out at night by myself to buy something at shopping street around my place but Paw really wanna go with me. It’s okay if she wants ha ha ha … Before ending, Safus came together and walked to get home. It’s nearly NRTC. Someone suddenly crash me & my wallet’s fellen down on the street. I quickly picked it up without thinking but someone’s nail caught to my right hand again. I had shouted something bcuz of instinct, then Safus shouted louder also. The guy with cap ran away rapidly, so we knew he is the theif. Thank God who protect me from all bad thing & give me the new lesson that I should not go out at night anymore. Theif guy cannot attack me as another. Praise the LORD.

One response to “Sharing love of God makes my life begin

  1. cHiNtaWeE says:

    อ้าว โปรดติดตามตอนต่อไปซะงั้น
    เรียนเป็นไงมั่งคะ ขอให้พระเจ้าอวยพรเยอะๆๆๆๆๆเลยนะคะ น้องกวางก็จะอธิษฐานเผื่อเยอะๆเหมือนกัน
    คิดถึงพี่ป๊อบมากๆๆๆคร่าาาาาาาาาา ขอให้ได้เจอกันเร็วๆนี้นะคะ

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