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Another Holiday in the Church – งาน Carnival of Joy Bangkok

on June 1, 2008

Today is started in da church about 10.30 am. I wonder I may get tired, so I can’t jump with the alert songs cuz of yesterday & the day before.

Diary :: Day before yesterday (30th May, 2008)

I planed to help the Carnival of Joy @Impact Arena for this day only because it lacks of translator for prophetic service. I am the first one in the team who gets there while I see the team, from prophetic church in San Francisco, on the stage with christian rock song. Don’t know what to do untill the team is complete, include Fussy. Suddenly, I touched the intensive presence of God in that room when we began to pray.

The prophetic team started to prophesy with translators first. Most of them gets the good encouraging words but nothing for me There are 6 youths who are apprentice prophets (Sunny & Christ, Misty & sis, Abigaiel & Lucy) with Pastor Richard & his wife, all is 8. They can’t eat Thai noodle & beware about drinking of pure water, then someone bring hamburgers for them instead.

Before they had break to show on the stage, a girl in the team talked to me & gave me a bit of prophecy. Certainly, it’s good words. I cheered them to fly fly fly with smooth & powerful dancing for God. After we changed the room to downstair, the multitude had been more than ex-room. We went out to survey & found crowded pple query to receive free many packs of meal!!! Everything is for FREE!

Advantage of this conference is JOY. It’s really joy like the concept but it has no distinct theme, like another confused concert. Anyways, I met many sisters & brothers from many churches in Bangkok. I felt warm & touched the love of God via them. They are on fire & we all can prophesy in the end of the day by the grace of the Lord who’s given us this special gift to see new vision & discern the meaning. I saw blue wooden jigsaw put together & 2 bros saw the parallels have same direction. We agree that means members from different church be the same body of Christ.

Midnight, Fussy tried to bring me home with argument all long way cuz it’s so late but she did finally. Thank God for her kindness & love. I really have peace, rejoicing, joy & get fun. Sometimes, I think I will serve God by this & that but He called me to get the blessing more than using me. That’s why I change my mind to join it again tomorrow.

Diary :: Yesterday (31st May, 2008)

This is the final day of Carnival. I got the place about 11.00am & did a lot of joys Everybody in the interpretative team helped each other to use the correct words, I love it! Before the lunch break, I had a little chance to interpret the prophecy. My sister, Jimmy, came carnival in the afternoon & participated in the big hall to worship, include outdoor stage around the arena.

After the dinner, the prophetic service began again at 7.00pm. I gotta run to the toilet quickly, so I’m not the first one who worked for that. Just a moment or the blink, I’m on the duty to be interpreter in front of room again. Thank God who give me the good opportunity & help me to get new experience. When the Pastor Richard had called the persons who have financial problem to be prayed, Misty & her sister heard the voice of God to give them a buck!

I’m not impressive about money but I see the pple who go out, they really needed help. I appreciated my God who supply all their needs! They gave pple many notes of 1000 baht! The prophetic team repeat to them this’s just the service but Holy Spirit will keep giving all. Wow … our God is so lovely cuz they look poor & drop the tears for this time. After the service, we enjoyed concert in the time of P’Yam many songs & decided to go home about 10.00pm. Jimmy came along with me to rest in my home & bro G. took us home after the noodle


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