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Twisted Emotion in Guangzhou – เริงร่าในกว่างโจว 广州

on April 12, 2008

Today (Apr 11th, 2008). Thank God that we accomplished the work perfectly.

I rised up in the morning to prepare myself for working today. Little sis was not ready to go with us & wanna continue on the bed. Then I & 2 persons journey to Zhongshan together. The driver hurried to the factory, so we spent only 1.30 hours to get Nipon. Ina was absent to join Canton Fair & Maggie’s on behalf of company instead. She’s still young but look OK for co-operation. Moon succeeded her purpose to come. This is the first supplier that we gotta be host of this lunch.  We almost ate strange foods if I didn’t go to point the boxes of animals.

After finish, everybody felt free & happy, wanna shopping if we go back to Guangzhou again. I found little sis didn’t go to shopping previoiusly but rested in the small room of hotel all day. So we bring her to outside & shopping together cuz we live around Beijing Lu.


For dinner, we look at crowded food shop & made up our mind to us hand language to order the cups of noodle, only 18Y with 3 bowls. After that, I bought many clothes, wallets, bags, plug & white watch with a bit of pocket-money. Little sis shopped for her friend by buying brand name pouches, electronic goods & mp3 player. I had no money enough to buy VERY CHEAP iPHONE!!! They gave me price @650Y (3,250THB) if I bargain, I might get it about 400Y (2,000THB) even its price in Thailand about 28,000THB (5,600Y)

Small shop in the small lane, we met the shop that they can speak Thai fluently cuz many thai shoppers visit their shop everyday. There is a woman who has been in Thailand twice. She firstly gave us the over price & I guided little sis to bargain 20%, from 600Y to be 100Y. Finally, she revealed herself she understand thai conversation & sold her goods at 100Y & I bought her bag at 60Y as well.

If we still have money, we must go ahead with another corner for sure.


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