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Beyond C H I N A (จีน – 中國)

on January 19, 2008

70 years ago, my grandparents left Shantou, coastal eastern Guangdong, to settle down in Bangkok because of escape war & shortage. Thai call chinese peoples from that city "Taechew" (Chaozhou)

It’s God’s plan that He brought me back to ancestral land cuz I’m now in Guangdong even here is not Shantou. I’m gonna leave here soon & like to memorize what I see all this week. It’s about Business, City, Culture, People, Natural, Accommodation, Interesting Place, Transportation, Revolution & Development.


If you were here, you certainly tell this is China even many things have been changed [after economic plan to open China] cuz Chinese peoples have unique culture from time to current. They still drink chinese tea with every meal instead of pure water. Chinese food is very good taste [exclude strange kinds of meat] Before eating, we gotta clean our tableware by hot tea. My chinese parents taught me to eat all dish, not waste it. Now, when I have a meal with business men, they always remain many foods on dish. You can plan to long live here cuz the weather is cool & there is more attractive environment than Hong Kong & Macau.


I really like people in Hong Kong but in main China … I feel like familiar with them but I don’t like some habbit such as spitting & smoking in public, honking the car’ horn & haste everthing. They struggle to survive among the crowded people who compete to be the best one. I have new Chinese friends there. They’re good at many incredible things. For example : speak British English fluently (I hardly catch it then), get high-education, speak different 3 chinese dialect, have super skill for commerce & they can eat everything as well

You might see uneducated old men ride poor tricycle but new generation develop themself by explosive growth from cool university. They produce their own car’ brand, machinery, electrical ware & etc. I believe China can be frightful developed country which US is bewaring. At least, they’ve crossed the normal step of developing already. If Thai people still keep being lazy, we perhaps become a poorest country. Who know???


In Hong Kong, steering wheel is at the right side for left lane such as Thailand & England. In main China, it’s all at the right lane except in Zhuhai, you can pay for highway by both side cuz there’re many car with left/right wheel user. Drivers usually alarm their horn to make a driver in front of their car feel annoyed till escape tho. For other transportation, people like to use the bicycle but we can travel by metro, railways & public mail bus even traffic jam [cuz lesser Thai jam] I’m very tired from passing city to city cuz a city is very huge. An experience I still remember is about Star Ferry. I never been seasick in lifetime but Ferry from HK to China teach me to tell u to not go. The best choice for wander is Taxi cuz of cheap price.


Most of chinese peoples have not a big house but live in governmental flat. They cannot have their own land for private usage except agriculture & business. So, many people live together as crowded place but I like their road look great & beautiful. Most buildings decorate exterior with mosaic wallpaper. I have seen the regulation about allot industrial zone & irregularity of some group of people. I visited many factories of sink, hood, hob, gas. Each type of product is precisely separated at the same zone. You may not see any hood factory around the zone of sink unless that company is for international. For hotel, I’m very impressive every ways: big room + convenience + reasonable price at Golden Hotel, Shunde. I don’t know other hotel can be like this.

Market Place

China has a lot of city & each city has many department stores with good system of town plan. You can easily find good shops or McDonald in every crossroad of the centre. Ting Ting, a girl from Hunan, led me to look around Lucky City, department store in Shunde, to buy everything. Her friend at clothing shop discount for me without bargain. It’s very very cheap, so I get 2 pretty red & white jackets. I over expected to shopping in Guangzhou. I bought a bit of many interesting things then.


China has own perfect material, especially Stanless Steel. Then, they can develop machanical product to supply the world. Some company never think to make for global demand but only domestic cuz they have 2,000 million people, it’s enough! Anyways, we can see OEM wherever there is people. I’m on behalf of Italian-Thai company for OEM as well but it’s secret of our business to tell what the brand is.

In the industrial zone, it’s easy to see smoke from the factory. China is the 2nd top country that produce the pollution from CFC after USA tho there is a lot of banners warn about World Heat. There is every category of industry around ZhuHai & Shunde. When I saw the employees in factory, it made me think of Charlie Chaplin in the age of Industrial Revolution. The cost for living in China is higher than their salary except the Singaporian who come to admin here.

Nick Koay, owner of HOMS, said that he purposes to do only a kind of product to be the best while Dave Choy, inter admin of China DELI, try to cover many kinds at the same group of product. Sometimes, no exact pattern for our life also. It’s disable to judge which one is better. Someone can do a lot of things while somebody do the best thing!

After WWII, Japan was the country which copied the brand name product from America & Europe. Later, after damnation, Japan become the leader of technology at the present. In the same way, Chinese is copying a lot of models of high-tech appliance. However, they focus on copy more than creation new own style & quality is still lower than standard obviously but they try to update Quality Control along ISO for international trade. One thing, I found that they are very cunning. It may be not cause here is China but in business world, everyone works for gain the advantage.

Christian Challenge

In the 3rd day, I visited DELI & met Yuki who took care us at lunch after business. I asked her about Christian Church but she doesn’t know where or what. In my child time, I dreamt to be evangelist in China cuz it’s quite hard & risk but when I grow up I know there’s 40% of christian in China while Thailand has 0.5%. I forgot that dream cuz thai people is worse. After my conversation with Yuki, my passion flows again cuz she never heard the name of JESUS. China is still the big country for harvest tho many peoples are already christian.

My appreciation is chinese persons in the level of chairman/admin are humble themself to decant the tea for all. [include me] In the organization as Church, it’s not wrong if someone who is in important level such Pastor/Senior always do only his admin works. Nevetheless, if I could choose, I wanna use this good thing in my responsibilities to affect others for knowing Jesus inside of me.


From Hong Kong, Macau, ZhuHai, Zhongshan, Shunde & Guangzhou … I see the pattern of chinese life. In fact, this form is not different from the other nation. That is … everybody gotta fight to have a better life. Most people can be the best one in business, success in their duty, be famous by attempt & endurance. [Chinese people is very diligent & work hard] I admire these things precisely but not everyone can be in the position that God assign?

Everyone is able to be as his effort & experience.
Everyone is able to be business man, get knowledge & be famous.
But only someone is called by God’s mercy to do something &
to be great person who make the will of God success in the Kingdom with eternity.
Attempt is disable to be pleasure ….. Only by GRACE

Are you that one who receive His favour?
Let’s worship Him through the best action, Make it BEST!


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