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Hong Kong 2008 (ฮ่องกง – 香港)

on January 15, 2008

That’s why I am here in Hong Kong now! I gotta involve in some business by visitting many suppliers & factories of kitchenware & appliances in China. I had prayed a lot before the day of travel for God’s preparation cuz last times I met many troubles all my journey. By His grace, I flied by Thai Airline TG606 which there’re many good services with food & beverage. Then, I listened sweet song all hour instead of worry about air-pressure. [Last times, I flied with Air-Asia & I was deaf for a month]


Thank God, I get Hong Kong without any problems. Someone told me yesterday "don’t be worried about the weather there cuz it’s warm". I don’t believe so I bring the 2 winter coats in the baggage. After we had left airport -> got train -> caught taxi to B.P. International Hotel, we suddenly saw people with big coat & jacket. They looked smart with dark suits & long jackets. Nobody took colorful coat such me Anyways, I gotta buy new coat cuz my clothings from Thailand is not warm enough for me. [12C Degree]

In our team, 2 Executives :: Dr. Pongpan & K. Sontirat separated us to have a meal, so I walk through Austin & Nathan Road to look around small streets. I met Bossini shop with crowded shoppers cuz of sale promotion. Yesterday, I just saw $1000 jacket at mall BKP (in BKK) but the same style in Hong Kong is $250. Every brand name clothing here is cheaper than other places & HK is supposed to be the city for shopping! but normal clothes without brand name are very expensive. It’s over than $1000 HKD.


My meal in HK is so bad cuz I couldn’t imagine the food from english description. Then, I gotta point the picture for The Rice with Roast Duck but they served me The Rice with Fat Pork instead. At night, I lived in small room of Hotel & look out a lot of buildings aroud the city tho Mrs. Moon often complain about the price $1500 a room a day.

For me, here’s not the suitable place for long-living cuz it looks like smoggy & stifling with the mountains around the city but I like peoples, convenience, and especially, the weather. It’s about 10C degree cuz I’m so boring heat in Bangkok & I don’t like a girl with small clothing as up-to-date


One response to “Hong Kong 2008 (ฮ่องกง – 香港)

  1. XuS says:

    so see ya soon na ja
     (Gn 1:1)

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