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My Christmas

on December 26, 2007

Tho there is a least christian in Thailand, when I see the decor for christmas in any places. I am glad that means to people think it’s important day. This year, I rarely evangelize in public with my bro & sis. So, I expect to extremely work on this ministry before ending of 2007 even brethren are not quite ready.

We planned many concerns such as book, brochure, banner, contact information & etc. First, church cancel payment for these books, we gotta spend group’ budget that’s not enough [In fact, this for our latter big project]. Next, we lose bro & sis who have started new life with full-time working after post-graduation. They’re too busy to serve God or even join Sunday service. Last, it’s the same day with plitical election. There’s changing time to evening, etc… Anyways, we cannot stop project on christmas about carolling @Siam station [center of BKK skytrain] cuz it’s best place for evangelism.

Besides, youth group canceled joining only 1 day before it came true [more than 10 pple]. No rehearsal & nobody’s willing Nevertheless, my soul was full of joy when I seeked God with praying & fasting by His words of life. Saturday 22nd, I might go church & work without anyone but really thank God. I’m not alone & He gathered good friends work together suprisingly! Net, Ju, Fon, N’M did it till afternoon & Koi continue with me till evening.

23rd :: Pah, Kwan, Jim, Cha, Koi & A participate in sealing address, sticking phone number & attaching brochures into xmas book till it’s enough for first day ministry. When the time come, AJ from center called me to say sorry "You all cannot join anymore cuz ticket ran out of stock" I gotta negotiate till he finds the way as his responsibility cuz we have no fault & everybody do with all attempt for ready to go.


Traffic jam made us get station late 6 pm. but we start at once. There’re Pah, Safus, Net, Ju, Cha, Koi, A, Jim, Kwan & me who sing & deal 800 books out to BTS passenger. We actually enjoyed this ministry for 3 hours, then we got on bogie to Morchit terminal with singing & come back to Siam again before saying goodbye someone. Koi, Kwan, Jim, Cha & me got off at Onnuch & Cha came to my home. I was so excited with my online business, so I hasted to check on but I lose many dollars & get repayment $0 [Plz pray for me]

24th :: Cha & I went to Seacon Sqare to buy sound amplifier by profit from polo shirt of AGAPE & Chany instantly made up her mind to get another 1 guitar as well. A, Cha, me & some youth continued to finish xmas book until 6pm. 5 pple from yesterday cannot join us again but new 4 pple come instead. This day we late went to station cuz there’s bogie for our King in early evening. We couldn’t sing that time. Tho late night & there’re pple lesser than yesterday, 1000 books were shared out of carryall.


After we had finished ministry, Fus, Cha, Pah & me went to China Town to have a dinner & famous dessert [Pah-Kouy] at 1 am. of Dec 25th. Fussy is still my very good friend, she drived for everyone to home but I went to Kae’ home cuz my home is so far away from city.

25th :: Kae thought … my hair style is very old-fashioned, so she urged me to set new one by making wave & changing color. but I agree only cutting. Then I give up going home & having lunch at Seacon again before getting in salon.

We got church again at 6pm. Pastor needs this christmas has Thai style by inviting church to wear thai costume. Today, we moved to Faith building again after renovation last 5 months, from long hall to be wide hall [but too smaller stage]. I do like it! cuz of the cross on the ceiling.


I knew N’ Ple by Chris from Romania & she came here at the first times, Safus nicely took care & asked her when preacher called whom need to receive Jesus Christ. She went out with crowded pple, include Jim, Kwan & Ju. We all were very happy for love of God to send His only Son for us. It’s so meaningful. Kae & I went along with Ple to take her home while Ligae [Thai ancient performance] was showing cuz her rest is also far.

After I got home & back in my room, I prayed to thank God for all joy & strength all christmas & ministry but I could not pray more for another, don’t know why. Late night, I feel I wanna die & boring this world. I’d like to change my surrounding & all situations that I am. [Last year, after Christmas, I was very sick all week till cannot finish da big programming project] Richard from California told me last night to rest in Spirit after serving before I really understand it today! I’m full with tears & blueness before ending happy day.

However … Thank God for Jesus Christ & for choosing me. Cuz of you, I come before God anytime without damnation of sin. If you take away the power of gospel & grace, I may live in this fool world with meaningless & die in vain. I wanna understand more about Jesus, your blood & cross till the day I die.

As far as I walk in this way, I’ve found that I’m over sensitive-girl than I ever thought. I’m really weak & hope to say as Paul "For when I am weak, then I am strong." [2 Cor 12:10]


3 responses to “My Christmas

  1. Joshua says:

    remember Jesus loves you Popsy! Never is there anything He can\’t accomplish! Nothing is stronger than our Lord.
    May God bless you with His wonderful peace, strength, joy and may you understand more and more His blessings in your life, and that life is a blessing and you are more valuable than a flock of sparrows to Him and He numbers even the hairs on your head.
    In Christ,
    -Joshua Caleb

  2. Popsy says:

    Thanks brother Josh. Thanks for everything you pray for me.
    I just realized that after X\’mas I am typically attacked.
    This year is same like last christmas
    that I wanna stop serving God long time
    but it\’s better than I\’m sick again.
    I hope to rest in Christ & go on again but don\’t know how long this time.
    Thank you for your word of encouragement.
    When I rise up again, I will run & pray for u.
    Merry Christmas & Happy 2008 na ka

  3. cHiNtaWeE says:

    so covet!!!!!
     I just want to be there with u guys, I almost cried yesterday when I saw pics coz I do miss everything in BFC. My church here is new yet, about 1 year. They have no young Christians, just Nong Kwang and Xus, so it\’s not easy to make any activities here. Pray for my church duai na ka.
    Anyway, miss P\’Pop and Agape aloadsssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!~ Hopefully I\’ll be there on next X\’mas ka.
    May God bless u richly,

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