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I AM religious NUT?

on September 29, 2007

Today 9.00am. I picked up my phone & get new biblical conception from a friend who loves God. She is a lawyer of private company in BKK. Day before yesterday, she tried to encouraged me while I was feeling down in my hardship. I really felt thankful but today she shared me an idea which’s been taught from her leader. That is …..

"We should study the word of God with balance, not only the word,
we should seek the knowledge in the field of our career as well
I quite agreed with her.
Then she said "We have to be balancing christian, not excessive"
I thought in my mind "yep…I ever joined discipleship class, I moderately knew about balancing christian"
"Balancing christian life must not spend time with word 100%,
we should remain 10-20% for other wisdom cuz we’re still in this world
After conversation has ended, I still felt joyful but told God ..
"It’s very influential for me but gladness of yesterday remain in me, strong enough"

Anyways, I started thinking … I expect to throw my life with the word of God in every breath cuz I’ve found that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God [1 Co 3:19] When I know the WORD is the super keymaster to open everything, even the treasure of heaven, I delight & so excited until I think I am ready to lay my lot of intelligence (of this world) in the background. But my job is involved IT, its shift is very instant …

Suddenly I felt like a dumber cuz I realize that … my skill & my energy to seek this kinda knowledge is gonna run out of my heartbeat. It seems these GENIUS keep on loosing by the time. I’m over intend to BIBLE & WORD. (Look at my blog, geek gal has not IT entry but Jesus) You know, I felt like I’m most IDIOT in this world cuz I probably remiss my good responsibility that God assign me to be PROGRAMMER … walking in the wrong way for 2 years & being excessive christian (คริสเตียนตกขอบ), over & extreme! AM I RELIGIOUS NUT???????!!!!!!!

First, I think I can laugh but finally I cried & cry cry cry from the bottom of my heart

This effect is from the question which troubles me all this week …
I want to go back to open my company again OR wait the promises of God that I don’t know when?
I am not Abraham who had HOPE & PERSEVERANCE like him
I may have many Ishmael before Issac comes.

But you know … GOD IS SO GOOD & LOVELY to me … He never leave me too long.
He shows something to confirm that the message of my friend isn’t right to me.
[It may be right for her, I don’t know … but not for me]

There’s some literature of Ralph Mahony wonderfully pop-up before my very eyes in time.
Its topic is "Learn to wait" …
This is what I wanna share to you all (but catch only some msg here)

  • God call a bit of pple to be leader from all His children.
  • If you are feeling down, give up, fail, let be glad cuz God is leading you. [Isa 40:29]
  • Whom He choose, is not intelligent/proficient/good education man
  • God is destroying the wisdom of wise & bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent [1Co 1:19]
    (I wonder I may being destroyed a lot of pride for my job & now I’ve found that IT is faster than I can catch & I’m so foolish this to cite that I’m still cool. It’s ok. I surrender to loose vain thing to get eternity WOYYY)
  • God has chosen base things of world which are despised, that no flesh should glory in His presence! [1Co 1:29]
  • Paul failed with his persuasive words of human wisdom but Power of God made him win the soul.
  • Peter did many miracles, release pples from sin without education [Acts 4:13]
    (Let’s notice current preachers who do great miracle, bring plenty of pple to salvation, are not high-educated person cuz lofty guys always use their expert of attempt for only their own)

พระเจ้าใช้คนไร้การศึกษาให้รักษาคนป่วย ทำการอัศจรรย์ รักษาคนตายให้ฟื้น ฯลฯ

  • God use only weakness who depend on Him [Isa 40:30-31] (This verse "renew" means "change all")
  • When we are weak, we will lay our all to Him. Then we are strong in His Spirit [2Co 12:10]
  • When we face the fire of tribulation, worthless fruit will be burnt. Then the POWER of GOD make us to eager beyond the nature, do supernatural (If we still wait)
  • King David asked for the POWER but God hit him till he’s stunning cuz the power is for whom’s lost everything
  • *** When we ask the Lord the Perfect Life as Jesus Christ, He will send us to PRISON as Joseph. If we cry, be angry, we cannot go out cuz we are there God already answer our prayer! It’s super super grace. Our respond will define situation. If we don’t feel bitter, we will grow more & stand to face every suffers *** This means we already get His POWER
  • Every incident, God will prepare next steps.
  • God call many pple but only some of them will be chosen bcuz while we face the difficult time, most lost that test & cannot pass to higher / leader
  • Some situation seems conflict, merciful hands of God seek to do great things in our life!
  • We must wait & learn, God will lead us out of trials [Isa 48:10] "Tested you in the furnace of affliction" means "advance/promote" pass to next grade "You were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things" [Mat 25:21]

… Yeah … Wait … Wait to see the WORD of GOD bear fruits
to make pple see the WORD is most important than every knowledge & wisdom in this world.

P.S. // หลายคนที่เชื่อพระเจ้าแล้ว อาจไม่ยอมให้พระเจ้าทำลายสติปัญญาที่ยึดไว้ เขายังคงต้องการใบปริญญาเอก ที่บอกว่าเขาสำเร็จการศึกษาระดับสุดยอดของโลก เขาจึงไม่เคยได้ชิมฤทธิ์เดชของพระเจ้า ซึ่งทำกิจการภายใน แม้พระองค์เสนอให้แลกมากมาย เพราะพระองค์จะไม่ใช้คนที่อ้างตัวว่ามีปัญญาเพื่อแย่งพระเกียรติพระองค์ไป … แต่คนที่เห็นค่าแผ่นดินสวรรค์ ยอมสละสิ่งสารพัดเพื่อแลกมันมา เค้าต้องคำนวณแล้วว่าจะเสียอะไร และได้อะไร … ใครจะยอมเสียมั๊ย เงินทอง การศึกษา คำชื่นชม ฯลฯ เพื่อแลกกับสิ่งที่พระเจ้ามีแผนการณ์ต่อชีวิตเรา … แต่ขอบอกว่ามันไม่ง่ายเลยนะ ที่เล่าไปข้างบน เมื่ออธิษฐานว่าขอเปลี่ยนแปลงชีวิตให้เหมือนกับพระเยซูคริสต์ หนักหนากว่าที่คิดมากกกกกกกกกกกก … ไม่ง่ายเลย ไม่ง่ายเลย … ก่อนอธิษฐานอะไร คิดให้ดีๆ นั่งลงคิดราคา ว่าคุ้มกันมะ


2 responses to “I AM religious NUT?

  1. Pongsakorn says:

    นิคแอดพี่ไว้ในสเปส แต่ยังไม่ได้แอดไว้ไนเอ็ม
    ยังไง เด๋วค่อยคุยกันนะคับ

  2. XuS says:

    i really want to tell u many stuffs but i dont know how.God bless uShalom

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