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วันนี้มันไม่ได้เป็นอย่างเมื่อวาน – Yesterday != Today

on August 6, 2007

Yesterday, I was really happy after sharing Good News with someone. That happiness’s with me many hours. Even she wanna know the answer of life by drop in church just few hours but she chose to continue her work for her income 200 baht. She earnestly desire to know the meaning of life but she thinks money is more important for a while.

Yesterday, I knew that I may not take my duty good enough. God led me to say sorry with someone who publicly proclaimed my uncertain guilty. That means she did wrong to me, right? In that time, I wondered why I gotta say like that! but I don’t feel any anger to her. It makes me realize to Corrie Ten Boom.

In WWII, NAZI soldier threatened to her like animal. After she had been released to be free, she met him again at the church she preached about forgiveness. She felt angry so much for a moment but suddenly she asked for helping from God, there’s some power came from her heart. It is LOVE.  She said it’s not from her but from Jesus who died for that guy!

Today, I didn’t say like yesterday. Someone wounds my heart until crying many times. I’m just disappointed for something, not emotional. But when it happen again, my flesh fought by sin to win him with a verse. Even You said conquer will defeat, I’m loser for the cross again. God … plz let me out of this darkness. I’m not strong for standing this way.

Today is not yesterday, I repay rude by my rude.


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