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Conversation with LOVE

on February 14, 2007


Gal: LORD … Plz help me, I’m falling in love with the lust of this world. I’m covetous & lazy to seek You. I would to pray for another, take more devotional time, read the bible and do many things to please You but the force of these things is very powerful. I cannot forbid myself to stop it! Help this weaker O LORD …

God: …. [Keep silence]


….. [Blar Blar Blar] …..

Jesus usually do as God’s will & be filled with peace. He had Father & never care what men think. He did everything to glorify God more honour. Don’t care, don’t care …

Gal: I’m coming to the cross again. There’s nothing can harm & bring me down if I care only God please it or not, everything depends not on what men care. Just me and You, Lord. You never order me to do this or that strickly. No laws, no sins. I’m not under even my own laws.

God: What a matter to me if you do pray more, talk to me more. Do you think it makes me favour? I abundantly love you by eternal love. Nothing can separate this love to you. I always love you, my daughter.


….. [Blar Blar Blar] …..

God: My dear, Do all things with LOVE  is the best.

Gal: Yep, LORD … I start today to be in Your presence with love ….. but It’s Yours, not mine.

God: ^__^  (For love comes from God – 1 John 4:7)

Gal: (I often make myself under the schedule as human laws. Schedule is good but be not up to it definitely)

….. [Blar Blar Blar] …..

Gal: So impressive in the gentleness & tender of Jesus. You are so kind & always give this world an exceeding LOVE. Please impart all things YOU ARE to me. I just don’t wanna be like You but I prefer You to live my life as Your will cuz You live in me. I’m already died with the cross.


One response to “Conversation with LOVE

  1. XuS says:

    so beauty story…. many times it happens in our lives 😀

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