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on October 23, 2006
In John 6 [NKJV]

1. Jesus asked Philip about the bread, he answered "not sufficient" for 5000 people. [6:7] but if we read until end of story, we know it’s SUFFICIENT cuz we have JESUS. Jesus can do every situation is sufficient for us! Don’t give up.
2. Jesus said "Make the people sit down" We have to follow the command of God even we are in the crisis & circumstance seems impossible for our thought. [6:10] If it’s God’s voice & will, we gotta do it immediatly!
3. Jesus given THANKS [6:11] Let’s choose to be thankful for existence first. God will multiple it more than we think (2 Corin 9:15)
4. Jesus ordered disciples to "gather up the fragments that remain" [6:12] Don’t neclect the grace from Father to waste in vain & it’s always fullfill. ^__^
Thank God, my Father!
Only JESUS, everything in my life … is sufficiency.
God = Love, Love never fails = Jesus never fails

2 responses to “Sufficiency

  1. XuS says:

    God Will Suply Everything that we NeeD. Just Make His Will…

  2. Popsy says:

    The LORD is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me? [Psalm 118:6]

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