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Thailand & Colonialism

on August 11, 2006
After ending of GCYC. There’s a wonder in my mind about nations. Why pples from nations around Thailand speak foreign language fluently? In spite of Cambodia & Vietnam. I’ve found some reason from WikiPedia and quote interesting few sentences here.

"Although English is widely taught in schools, proficiency is low." [Thailand]
"Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power."
"Thailand was never colonised by a European power."

Let’s see the map of "World empires colonies territory" below and tell me what you see from asian region?

Yeah…You see that’s true! … I ever thought that pride of thai pples about this & nationalism is SIN and that’s why we can’t develop communication as much as we should. However, I realize the cultural pattern of other countries. Their original feature have been swallowed in the meantime of later generation by european conception. Finally, they all demanded for independence. In the present, my foreign friends still confuse which way of culture they are walking. How is it important in the globalized world!?

As the map…how is it possible that our country eludes from Colonialism?  We have not many chance to practise or use English as crown colony but we can speak our language widely & freely. Let’s be proud without sin..why we gotta force ourself to lose worthy culture. Believe me…Thais are not stupid to reject learning good things such as English. I just want to present the world why we poorly use other languages & it’s not our fault. We are trying!!

One thing I’m worried now, it’s about faith instead. Thais normally think that Jesus is religious philosopher. It makes me think of book of Daniel & Ephesians which mention about principalities, rulers of darkness, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Thailand is the land of freedom but first missionary came here 100 years ago. There’s a wondrous information from WikiPedia. "Christians, mainly Catholics, represent 0.75% of the population". What happen?? We may pray not enough to break strongholds of Principalities. We gotta do something to remove the hiding power on freedom. Let’s turn the world upside down!  Plz pray for our country…

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