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GCYC – Gateway Cities Youth Convention 2006 (V)

on August 10, 2006
This is the ending of conference. I felt nervous a bit to hear that some friends will go back today. Just short time but it seems we’re bound by the love of same God. So we gotta ask them for giving us emails & take some photos together. They’re from 4-5 countries…Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam & Malaysia which will leave here today.

In the afternoon, we drew lots to join group. We’ve got only 10$ for shopping & walked along the map. Someone incited us to try "Lak-Sa" [2$ per spoon ]. Its taste is similar to Thai noodle (Ka nom Jeen). I like visiting decrepit house in between walking. We gave the old mans the breads that we had bought from store & sang SLALU [Hit song of GCYC from Indo] in english version.  When we tried durian cake from famous store. Two japanese gals looked like shocking for its taste! I never smelt strong like this as well. There’s no "Mon Tong" (Golden Pillow) durian in Singapore but it’s all Sha-ni. That’s why it’s so smelly!

Finally, we got the destination & made the sign of GCYC on the sand. We produced MV Slalu at the beach with the coconut trees. Really amusing! We’re given a BBQ…umm  very sweeeeet. After finish, Pastor Hee Guan came to talk about G12 accidentally. I believe this’s from God to let us know more the overview of new system. I forgot to have a supper & let Safus participate in this conversation. It’s good idea but I can’t belong all aspect cuz never try once. At the night, I wanna keep away from pples to seek God but I enjoyed talking too much.  This night everyone aimed to say goodbye to japanese friends cuz every nations showed impression bout this country on the stage!

Later day, I woke up from strange dream & went to Sentosa with Thai friends in the morning. We paid only 3$ to get inside & take a lot of photos. Artificial beach is so beautiful but we know that’s not real.  Kae made an appointment with her new singaporean friend. So, we had a camera boy to help us take it wherever we would. Joyce can lead us to Simlim in the afternoon but someone want to buy instant noodle of Korea!!!  near Little India. I started to know the meaning of the last dream. No glad to…[…]

We [Kae, Joyce & Terence] wasted more time to wait for them without leaving to another place cuz we could not find & let them know that. By the time we reached Simlim, the time is gonna run out of this day. Anyways, Thank God to teach about LOVE, endurance  rejoice tho it’s really boring. Before our leaving, there’re delegates from few countries who didn’t go back yet. So we could say goodbye them, Sri Langka, Filipino & Chinese.

I must miss you & hope that next times I can join warm meeting again.  Plz pray for Thailand cuz I pray for you all countries. You are in my prayer every nights. Thank you sisters & brothers in Jesus Christ from every nations. Especially thanks Singaporean friends for any welcome & taking care. You are very humble. Welcome you too. If you will be in Thailand, plz ask me to help you anything you would. May God bless you to walk in the LOVE of Jesus, all the rest of life! Bye Bye Bye …  – THANK GOD –


One response to “GCYC – Gateway Cities Youth Convention 2006 (V)

  1. AhBang says:

    Hello Sister Dui,
      hope that you have a pleasant surprise that I posted a comment here. On behalf of all Singaporeans, I will like to take this opportunity to wish all friends from Thailand good health and rock-solid faith in Christ, and to also pray for an astounding faith movement in Christ that has never been seen before. I will like to end off with verses from a gospel song that I fondly remember…….
    " On Christ the solid rock I stand,
      All other ground is sinking sand…….
      All other ground is sinking sand"

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