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GCYC – Gateway Cities Youth Convention 2006 (IV)

on August 7, 2006
I cannot remember what happen this day correctly.

Umm…I’m trying to recall  … Last night, gal from some church in BKK asked us helping to argue with her leader that youth should be presenter for country today. Yeah…we had prayed before went to her leader’s room. I plainly asked this adult why u don’t deliver this business to youth for presenting. She instantly answered me it’s leader’s duty. Yeah…but it should be leader who is still youth, not adult. She said that nobody can speak English well.  OK…I know what happen lah…it’s enough, then I left there.

Today, No wonder why my friends & I were disappionted presentation of our country very much.  We consulted each other that non-youth (adult) should not trouble this issue at all.  Youths had to take order from her & cannot offer any creative idea. Presented 5 strongholds are not main problems in Thailand. That’s why singaporean staffs informed thai coordinator that no need adult to come along with youth delegates.  Anyways, we could not solve this problem cuz senior woman came from different church. Dont wanna take umbrage among us!

Joyce & Jean joined the conference in the afternoon & gave me  a sunflower.  THANK you! In the praying time, I went out before stage & 2 pastors prayed for me. A pastor gave me a prophetic message which is quite important for encoragement. Thank God! [I still forget which cities present today?]

About 3 pm. we all went to near beach to have a dinner together. Thais are very freindly for all foreigners, make friend, enjoy talking, etc… If I remember correctly, tonight was all about China. We received information bout China & pray for them.  It seemed like we all should ask God to open the eyes & get big vision for this country especially. Umm…I hope to get there for evangelism but I heard that chinese christians are very strong in faith & larger than Thai christians. If God  want to use me, He will reveal His purpose someday. I’m really glad cuz it’s country of my mother

In this night, I tried to seek God but the body’s weary so much. Anyways, God let me know something about the nations & coming of Jesus via book of Isiah. Before devotional time, I had talked to young gal leader from VN, she prayed for extension of last judgement. I don’t think so cuz 2 Peter 3:12 guide us to haste the time of the Lord and I believe that is very soon. Another reason is John 12:25…I agree this verse much long time ago.

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