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GCYC – Gateway Cities Youth Convention 2006 (III)

on August 7, 2006

First presenting from Malaysia. They’re pretty all and did good job.  I can’t remember what the second is.

Tonight, Japanese youth pastor asked for forgiveness to China for WWII. Then, Pastor Kong called chinese delegates to bow down before them & speak to forgive Japan. Special feeling touched in my soul while we all prayed for this 2 nations. I cried  for China so much cuz I ever read a lot of book from chinese writers who died in the jail [Watchman Nee is my favorite chinese writer. He wrote many stories which broken down my heart  for Jesus, very deep in spiritual revelation. I ever read "Heveanly Man" of Ps Yun who fought for the gospel in China as well.] and I also cried  for Japan cuz they’re in the same situation like Thailand. We serve God among religious nation & it seems difficult to release peoples from their sins while they still worship idol & unknown God.  Prayer requests had interesting topic…they need supernatural incidents!

My heartbeats  are certainly about evangelism. Especially, when I sing  "We speak to nations fall on your knees".  This is my calling to tell the world about living God, JESUS. (I wanna shout "You must bow down & worship Jesus") Some pastor told me that everyone is called to preach good news. Yep…I think so but they don’t get our situation in Thailand what difference between massive and personal calling is. We have too little bit of christian. [1% th & 20% sg – different passion] The country which is free but hard to win their soul by our own strength. We need miracles from up above to prove fatherless person know that Jesus is still living.  I cannot do but everything is possible by God!

Mike Francen & T.L. Osborn mention "A miracle settles the issue" & once miracle is better than thousand sermons.

In the canteen, thais threw the party of MaMa (famous brand of instant noodle from Thailand) in late night. Even I felt sleepy  … I met younger brother from Vietnam  whom we had exchanged international MaMa before this time. We talked about how to become christian & the calling. He testified about pocket money to come to Singapore.  He had nothing to pay for plane ticket & asked the Lord about 100$ USD but God gave him more than 1000$ USD instead. Amazing??!!! God is GREAT!


3 responses to “GCYC – Gateway Cities Youth Convention 2006 (III)

  1. XuS says:

    I Remember something like…    Just a Word of God can Change the World…
    And Devil can make "miracles" too….   
    why i say like this???
    If the Word of God enter inside the Heart of Thailand…. Isn\’t a Miracle?
    Oh!!  why i feel Peace today???

  2. Popsy says:

    Thanks Xus, you know? The great miracle for me…is the power of love.When I look at the cross that God died for me & it\’s changed my life…..That is miracle ^__^
    Love in Christ,

  3. Sandra says:

    it is good to read about what you are doing in God\’s name …
    keep on witnessing on here

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