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GCYC – Gateway Cities Youth Convention 2006 (II)

on August 7, 2006
We quickly had a breakfast before leaving home and congregate at the Expo. We were welcomed every service, English, Mandarin & Youth, for blessed prayers. I touched the powerful presence of God within the hall. In the mandarin service, I saw a little girl dropped her tears & soaked up Holy Spirit. I know her name later "ZungZung" from China. This makes me long to study mandarin seriously cuz my friends told me that the worship song in mandarin can give us greater feeling than english. It will rise from the deepest soul. Yeah…I hope to worship God deeper, more & more.
We looked around all booths of nations, very interesting. I wondered why Malaysian guys & gals look like us (chinese) cuz I imagined them all of my life that they’re like Arabian people but they all are absolutely not! BTW, many many pples greeted me such a chinese gal LOL Yeah…my mom is chinese but I’m Thai-Chinese khaaa.
In the opening of conference at dinner room, when we sang "And as we worship build Your throne", I started to cry cuz everybody cried out in their own languages. I sang in Thai with overwhelming peace & felt about the glory of Jesus through all friends in that room. Even we all came from many nations, we can worship the same one God, same song. It’s awesome!
Tonight, we made new friend with a lot of them. No-Jo-Me from Japan is friendly person and welcome us to stay in Japan sincerely 5555 but we more welcome all to Thailand lah cuz we’ve still got only 1% of christian. We need more missionaries & moving of Holy Spirit as well.

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