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GCYC – Gateway Cities Youth Convention 2006 (I)

on August 7, 2006

Hi…friends from 10 nations [Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Sri-Lanka & Thailand]

First of all, Thank God…Jehovah Jireh, who prepared everything when I lived in Singapore. Thank for hospitality, sincerity & all taking care of Singaporean friends.

Early day, I went along with Joyce (my host ^_^) to see her sister’s baptism. It’s surprise for me cuz the pool is on the 2nd floor & everybody can see it! — LOL — We worshipped & looked at new 500 christians drowned under water at the same time. I can say "This is wonderful worship" since this first times in FCBC hall.

Latter day, we early woke up to take  City Walk for celebration of Singapore.  It’s an experience that I will never ever forget it! I will welcome them to walk around Bangkok when they visit Thailand. They’re so strong to persist long-walking and let the sun burn in the midday.  We took a break for lunch at Marina sqare & continued shopping around Little India. Everything is very cheap but nothing interesting lah. Suddenly, we all gotta dodged the rain at Indian Restaurant. Grace asked for chicken with green sauce (I forgot about bird flu) & I got salty yogert! Its flavor is alright but when I tried indian coffee-tea of Jean, I started to flush & shock! After that, I got cold & felt sick all time in Singapore!!!

At dinner, I really love Joyce’s mom. There’re many rewards on the stand from cooking contest. This time I was taking meal from the winner!  That made me feel better than this afternoon but my body still shook a bit.

Nightly, we went to Night Safari & met Safus & Jeab there. (just a few minutes) They all were excited with night animals.  I love it if I didn’t get cold cuz my mind without any feeling but felt cold all this trip, sooo sadddd. Anyways, they took a lot of pictures for us, especially the zebra! — LOL


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